Job order manufacturing

Chemical-technical products


Top-quality job order manufacturing

Based on our long experience of procedures and working practices with our own products, epple’s specialist division offers job order manufacturing and packaging for major chemicals companies. We produce low- to high-viscous materials under heating/cooling, under vacuum, or in an inert gas atmosphere. Over the years we have developed a wide spectrum of production possibilities.

Customers can choose from the complete spectrum as a Full-Service Package, or opt for just parts of our range. The customer’s requirements determine the extent

Job orders: what we produce

Our job order division offers not only products from our three main areas (liquid sealing compounds, industrial adhesives and casting resins), but also chemical-technical products ranging from low to high viscosity. These include impregnating sprays, ski wax, car polishes, brake-clutch cleaner or underbody coating. 

We do not use silicones or bitumen.

Our job manufacturing advantages

  • We focus on production, filling, development and quality control
  • We welcome your requirements and offer solutions
  • We have excellent infrastructure, are ATEX-protected, stand in a collecting basin, have floor scales to weigh raw materials, a ventilation system, etc.
  • We have 3-flute mixer which distributes the high-viscous mass in the mixing vessel without any dead spaces
  • Depending on the material density, amounts of up to 2 t are possible, also in a vacuum
  • We have a combined dissolver/bead mill. Wet-milling achieves a particle size of less than 1 micron
  • Our own water preparation unit provides sterile water for sensitive products
  • Planetary mixers, hot mixers, granulators, quick mixers are standard plant
  • Depending on the plant assembly, different sized batches can be processed
  • In-house quality control laboratory
  • Only products which fully meet our quality control management are permitted
  • Containers from 5 ml to 1000 l
  • Up to 10,000 cartridges per day, coded and filled
  • We have one of the few hot-melt filling lines >> in cartridges, flat bags, sachets
  • Reactive products can be filled free of air bubbles
  • In-house label printing, guarantees the set confom label printing for chemical products and prints labels in various sizes and qualities

We have a wide range of containers and packaging in stock. Ask us if you are looking for what suits your product.

Our strengths

  • Large machine park in completely
    explosion-proof production buildings
  • Continuous investment and enlargement
    of our product range
  • Extensive test laboratory ensures
    your safety
  • Monitoring and storage of
    dangerous goods
  • We are flexible, reliable, customer-orientated –
    and completely confidential

Exemplary contract customer enquiry from the request to the product