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The fascination of sealing, bonding, casting

At epple we are passionate about our tradition of offering a wide range of industrial sectors the sealing compounds, adhesives and casting resins they need for optimal technical solutions. Our knowledge of the processes and specifics of manufacturing and filling chemical-technical products is also available for contract customers who wish to outsource production of their own formulas.







Producer and contract manufacturer – made in germany

As a family company, our past achievements are the foundation on which we continue to build our future. With our ever-increasing expertise in the development and production of sealing compounds, adhesives and casting resins, we create bonds which meet the highest demands and withstand the most diverse loads. 

Whether in the automobile, chemicals or engineering industries, in electronics, or space engineering – epple provides innovative solutions from conviction and tradition. For us, the fascination lies in extending the mechanical boundaries: further developing adhesives and technologies to optimise production processes, shorten cycle times, reduce vehicle weight and save resources. In this race with technology, we are the leaders in many sectors: simply faster than the rest.

In environmental protection, for example. Our sealing compounds have always been CFC-free – and epple introduced the first solvent-free, permanently elastic sealant decades ago. A success – for us, for our customers and above all for the environment. Just as fluid as our products is the transition between adhesives and sealing compounds. So it was natural to apply and extend our years of experience in these areas to the production of casting resins and coating technologies. Today epple has a comprehensive portfolio of casting resins for the electro and electronics industries. We create connections!

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